Add Snap!Manual source document to github repository

@bh I've been trying to compare manual versions (to see what's been added to Snap! recently) but I've failed to find a free solution that shows the differences between pdfs.

Would it possible for you to add your source document as well as the pdf in future versions?

Yes, it would be great. I was thinking about this too.

For now, it's at I'll talk to our repo Czars about where to put it in the repo for next time.

Just put it in src/help :slight_smile:

And if we have the source in the repo maybe we can automatically output something more useful than a PDF...

You mean in help, right? There's no src/help. Just wanna be sure.

PS I don't think an .html derived from a .docx will be super readable. Just guessing.

PPS Just tried it. I was right.

err, yeah, just help.

And it depends on how you make the document. I don't think a 5 minute conversion would be good...
but there's lots of good tools that could be used.

FWIW, I don't think the current manual is very usable either. It's > 80 MB (!), which takes a long time to load in a browser, and the TOC isn't linked. A PDF is also not super easily indexed by google.

<rant>Grrrr. The TOC is linked in the .docx. It's not linked in the PDF because of a stupid pissing contest between Adobe and Apple. You can't embed links in PDFs that you make on a Mac.

And I tried copying the .docx to my virtual Windows machine and making the PDF there, but it came out horrible because fonts. Grrr.</rant>

Maybe some free-software-loving Snap! user should volunteer to switch the manual over to TeX.

PS Oops if it's over 80Mb then I forgot to copy it to my virtual Windows machine and run it through "Reduced Size PDF" in Acrobat. (On the Mac, Acrobat gets in an infinite loop and finally dies when it runs out of memory.)

I think your "light" version might have formatting differences - 1st thing I noticed was bottom of page 7


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