Add shareable message broadcasting across scenes

If this feature was added it would be cool and easier for my game Aftershock

and just overall useful!

just a extremely scarring suggestion!

Can you explain what you mean?

when you do

that message is only there in the scene its in.

so, if messages could be shared through multiple scenes that would be useful for Aftershock!

Ok, that's what I was thinking, but didn't quite get. I do see this being useful.

well for aftershock it is

that doesn't make sense because only one scene can be active at a time.

well in aftershock it could be useful

well, so the idea would be to support scenes running in parallel? because otherwise inactive scenes cannot react to events they receive. That, however, would slow down everything a lot.

well i think it would be fine

that is ... interesting.


Doesn't this already exist? When you switch scenes, you can send data along with it.




untitled script pic

I was being sarcastic. See, you open a topic with a vote (of all things), I take the bait and engage in a discussion in which I point out concrete technical obstacles (parallelism), and rather than explaining your train of thoughts you simply disagree and claim that "it would be fine". Now I don't know whether you understood what I interjected or whether you think that parallel scenes - with "laggy" frames would be acceptable.

ok cool..

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