Add Script Picture To Clipboard Button

Add Script Picture To Clipboard Button/able to paste blocks to the forum

Window + Shift + S will work, but maybe we can paste blocks to the forum and others can copy it (as XML or whatever)

Interesting idea.

I fong know if u can paste, just a block(i think scratchblocks would be better) to tge clipboard(how would the first one wotk?).

Also, ur friend says hi.

There is "download script" option in the menu for the script. So you can get XML which can be dragged to the other Snap! window.

But there is no way to use it with the forum. Uploading XML in a post is not allowed. Embedding XML as plain text
<script><block s="forward"><l>10</l></block><block s="turn"><l>15</l></block><block s="doSwitchToCostume"><l></l></block></script>
is ugly and gives no hint to the block contents. To get somehow usable results, probably a kind of so-called "onebox" Discourse plugin should be created.

There is a project build to test the concept of sharing blocks with XML (to create a backpack and networked clipboard):

Make a block II script pic
creates an XML from the given script and place it in the clipboard.
Make a block II script pic (1)
Imports XML from the clipboard and recreates a blocks at the mouse pointer.

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