Add project categories?

Everyday people post a bunch of DO NOW PROJECT, or SCAVENGER HUNT, please stop. some people think like and favorite will help, but I think there is a more easy solution.
Add project categories

  • You can have developers’ tools/custom blocks

  • Games

  • Animation

  • Drawing

  • For teacher and students

And more.
I think we need this because Snap! Is a powerful tool, but right now I’ve never seen a fantastic game.
This will prevent us seeing do now projects but this still doesn’t mean we can see fantastic projects. The development team should really think about it.

I can understand that snap team may not want to add like button but they really should add this

You mean on the front page of the web site, right? Not forum categories.

not forum category but project categories

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We'll talk about that if we don't run out of time in our next team meeting.

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