Add notifications, project ratings, sorting projects, and more

Ok, ok, I get it.

I know you don't want to snap! to be a social platform but hear me out,

Project ratings can be used to determine whether a project is good.
for example, what if:

Somebody releases an "amazing game" but it turns out to be clickbait, you can rate the project to tell others if it's good.

Another reason is that if you release an actually talented project (ex. an extremely advanced OS Simulator, something like LunarOS) if people like it, they can rate it higher so it can be suggested to other people.

Notifications can be used if someone remixes your project, mentions you in a comment
highly rates your project, follows you, and more.

A list for sorting projects, (and an overall Explore Page re-design.) I feel is needed given to help people find what projects they are interested in. An example is, Have a list that shows,

Sort By:
Most Recent,
Topic Of The Month,
Highly Rated,

Comments are mediocre for Snap!, given it isn't a really social place, though it would be an amazing substitute for ratings if that's not your style, or vice-versa, or even (hopefully) both!

The #1 thing I really want (but will be extremely hard to do) is an algorithm, to suggest projects to users based on their interests.

But yeah, that's what I really want for Snap! because I think it will make people want to use Snap! more.

(also put a donate button somewhere at the bottom of the page, that would look cool, or maybe its own page or something.)

I put a lot of time into making this post, so please give well-thought-out responses to this.

Thank you for your time.


Leader at Hyposyn Studios.

I have a huge feeling they're not going to add ratings, because they have a worse effect than likes.

Yeah, i get that, but its not really supposed to be taken personally or like for social status, just if you have a good project

It's not meant to be like that, but we can't control how people act. It will probably become like other social media platforms.

I think requests like this are to be expected, given that people younger than I am have grown up entirely in a world with social media, and don't remember anything else. But I'm old enough to have witnessed the transformation of society through social media, and especially the importance of social reinforcement in developing homogeneous, closed-off subcultures.

I know that what we do in Snap! is a drop in the bucket, and isn't going to make the world a better or worse place, but still, we want to be on the side of the good guys, and to take a stand that people in our community do things–build Snap! projects–because those actions are worthwhile in themselves, and not for the sake of social reinforcement.

It's not obvious a priori how comments on projects necessarily lead to closed, hostile communities, but they do. Social reinforcement floods your brain with dopamine, which is the chemical mechanism by which you get addicted to things. And it turns out that hate is much more exciting than love.

So this is going to be a hard sell.

I totally understand what you mean, though I do think some of my non-social requests could be possible, like the sorting and notifications

Sorting by what?

Projects, like on the explore page so people can view by like,

Most Recent
and other categories

also you should add personal favorites, that don't show up publicly, but you can like favorite a project if you like it and if you forget the name, you could go to your favorites and find it again!

i want something like that but the notification icon be white.

Ignoring the social aspects (which are never going to happen here) , ability to sort own projects by date would be most welcome

Yeah i agree.

whats funny for me is that idek what social media meant or what it was until i was like 10

" What does a priori mean? A priori is a term applied to knowledge considered to be true without being based on previous experience or observation . In this sense, a priori describes knowledge that requires no evidence. A priori comes from Latin and literally translates as 'from the previous' or 'from the one before.'" -

I'm confused; aren't they already sorted by date?

Can't you make a collection for that?

Oh yeah i forgot about that lol

What about this @bh
This is my favorite idea

Yeah, no other coding platform has that, that will attract many users

That's how social media sites like Facebook funnel users into bubbles, so liberals only see liberal news and conservatives only conservative news.

Again, I get it that Snap! doesn't have the same influence over your intellectual life that Facebook does, but in our small way I think we should model good web citizenship.

I understand.

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