Add More Backgrounds

Well, I am pretty satisfied with the backgrounds in Snap! But I have two requests. One of my requests is if you add more backgrounds, and a similar question is: Make the backgrounds easier to find because it took me a few days to figure out where the backgrounds are.

huh, all you have to do is go into the stage, then click on file > backgrounds.

But if you don't know that that's how, it's not very discoverable. Maybe we should have the "Backgrounds..." option in the File menu all the time.

yeah... you're right

Also, it makes it so that if you want a background image in a sprite, you have to go to the stage, import it, then drag it onto the sprite.

Oh, do people really do that? I guess a couple of them could lend themselves to sideways scrolling. Because I was thinking the Backgrounds menu option would always load the chosen background into the stage.

Why not just make your own background?

Because I am bad at making my own backgrouds.

just download a picture.

I can't find pictures to download.

they are all over the internet lol

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