Add Library To :snap:

How do I add an library? I managed to get the source code of :snap: and, I don't know how to add a collection of blocks I'll like to add.

First, export your blocks. Next, put them in the libraries folder in the snap source code. Now, after that, open the "LIBRARIES" file. Now place this on the line where you want it to show up in the menu

library-file.xml	library name	info

note: the character between info (file, name, and info) is


edit: it's tab.

uh... it's just named info, not the library name.

there's the file, library name, and the library info. The user doesn't see the file name. The file name is there so you can even load the blocks. The library name is what the user see's. Believe me, I have actually added my own libraries to my fork of snap.

it is seeing the info

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