Add "keys" to the custom menu dropdown in custom blocks

(idk what happened but my forum deleted itself when I tried editing it)
Anyways, I was trying to say Im making a project where there are a bunch of custom blocks I make. I use the custom dropdown alot. You know that section with the option to use menus like messages, objects, costumes, sounds, etc.? Well, I'm trying to make a custom block involving keys. The problem is it isn't included in the dropdown. I know its sort of easy to type all of the keys in a custom dropdown but I still think it should be added because I would have to do that for every block I make (i have like 20 or more blocks planned).

what are keys?

This is actually coming in snap 10.0, in fact it's already in the dev version.

Keyboad keys, such as the ones in the <key [space] pressed?> block.


Ok. Thanks.