Add "glide (sec) to (object)" block

here is how it would look like:
new block suggestion
(i edited this image btw)
if there is a workaround let me know

i thought snap was supposed to have all the scratch blocks PLUS more...
But, if you can't find it, then try finding the x and y of Sprite(2) and then use
glide 1 secs to x: (insert x value of Sprite(2) here) y:(insert y value of Sprite(2) here) and that should work...

thx, ill try it

tell me if it works. and if you find a better solution.

glide [1] secs to x:((x position v) of (Sprite2 v):: sensing) y:((y position v) of (Sprite2 v):: sensing)::motion

oh, cool, i didn't notice those blocks. i haven't been using snap much, i've been busy with other stuff.

omg, thx!

@zahra_kaito your way also works, thx bud

thx guys :~D

crab rave :crab: :crab: :crab:

... and of course you can use that to make a custom block:

The WHERE input has to be declared of type objects-menu:
Google Chrome001
and then click that thing down in the corner again and select "read-only."
list experiments script pic
You can drag a 2-item list over the second input to specify the coordinates of something other than an object, which is the point of the test inside the block definition.

Wow, this is such a beautiful example, Brian, that I would love to see it included in the next edition of your (official) Manual.

@equilibrium just like the go to block

Jens has published here that a new version of Manual has been made by Brian, so I tried to download it via link - but what I got was not the new one, yet.


It is here

Thank you.

Of course I didn't include that example, nor did I update all the dialog pictures to include that weirdgear-part thing in the corner. (While extracting that picture from Morphic in dev mode I learned that Jens calls it "gear-partial" which I guess makes some sense; I just thought of it as four random pieces of circles!)

Sigh, more work to do...

What do you mean by "dialog pictures"?

And what does that "1/4 of the :gear:" stand for?

In the manual. Pictures like this one:

It gets you the dropdown-input menu, like right-clicking on the background:
We finally promoted it from experimental to normal, so we made it more discoverable.

I see.

Would you mind me, making the dialog pictures for you? I'd be happy to make them. You probably need to replace the pictures which are already in the manual with how the dialog looks like in the new version, or do you need additional pictures, too?

I've actually started pasting quarter-gears on top of the existing manual pictures. :~) I think redoing the ones with categories of types circled in red is too horrible to contemplate.

Why? Are there so many of them (or something else is the problem)?

Oh, it just took me forever in Photoshop to get those right. I'll have the manual up to speed shortly. (Today was grocery shopping day.)