Add a username block!

The topic name just says it all doesn't it?

The feature of the username block would be useful to prevent any javascript coding to get the username itself. Just like Scratch 3 the
block would be very useful.

For things like a custom text editor where it saves notes using the database blocks.
Please add the username block.

If you think, this can be a security issue. That's why Scratch warns you when a project has the username block. And you can still make your own.

Snap! could warn you to, can’t make your own in 7.

Yes you can.

Here: Snap! 7 - dev - Build Your Own Blocks

what about not using javascript?

Once you use it, it doesnt need javascript anymore

but what's the point in using javascript to get the username, and then not using javascript? He's asking

There is no way, and bh has already argued with enough people that they are not going to add that block. So that's the closest your going to get.

Now that I think about it, it's less secure using a username block in snap then in scratch, so I understand why they wouldn't add it.

Thats basicaly what I said in post 1.

But it could also warn you.

I know I am annoying, but I am gonna repeat, again, - cheeky - "real programmer" (should I add the tm sign the way Brian does?) needs no database (or any other libraries) block to make a decent text editor.

Or a username block

It's dangerous enough to grab a person's username to add on to a collection of private data. Scratch is less dangerous than Snap! because it has limitations. Snap! has javascript, the url block, and things that make it dangerous. Don't expect this to get in Snap, because Iv'e already witnessed an argument about such a request, and the answer was no.

No then, but if you collect usernames in a project, you can also just search them up on the main page and store them.

Your not telling me if this is about Scratch or about Snap. Plus the way you worded that is confusing.

On Snap! the community site you can search up usernames. You can then add those usernames to a list in a project. You have full access to user’s usernames on Snap!, a username block would only mean to run code in the project. Any malicious code would require JS. If you were to enable JS you would probably look through the project first and spot it.

But in Snap! you can link data together, such as real last names using javascript (i.e.Plus: using whatever image service that links everything). Look, it's never going to happen, so stop arguing. (I can't find the argument based on my simple search, but I remember it.) Plus:

And I already made a block. Snap! 7 - dev - Build Your Own Blocks

Don't you remember the whole thing about JavaScript being disabled automatically because it could be used maliciously? If there's JavaScript in a project, the user will have to go into the editor, survey the code themself to see if it's safe, and click the setting.
If someone turns on JS for a project absentmindedly, and then gets hacked, that's their problem for not heeding the very clear warning.
Plus, they could add a secondary warning about the username block whenever the project gets loaded, like in Scratch.
Also, calls to the API are blocked as of Snap! 7, so there's really not much you can do in that area.