Add a 'other' category

it could be used as a placeholder or other topics not featured like 'questions'

it might be great for people who cant use tags

but make sure everything with this category is related to snap

There was a miscellaneous category years ago, but it was removed because this forum is for discussing programming with snap. If this was added, people would probably use it for non-snap related things. All the current categories are good enough for what the forum is about.


This is all true, but I would have put it less emphatically. I think it would be fine if we had a little off-topic discussion on the forum. The trouble we had was that the Snap! stuff was absolutely swamped by non-Snap! stuff. If we had a good way to avoid that, I'd be happy to entertain a proposal. But I can only think of overengineered ways, such as, for every on-topic post you make, you get a point, and when you get N points (five? ten?) you're allowed to make an off-topic post.