Add a Compression feature

Can you please add a Compression feature?

Whats a "Compression feature"??

whats compression mean in forums?

What would this do?

Reduce the file sizes of the media (like images, sounds, ect) used in the project.

So we would be able to put more sounds and images in projects?

thats actually a good idea,it would help people with staying under 10Mbs


Oh cool, that's a good idea.

this is actually the first request from @theeric132 i'm voting for.

It can also reduce the file size of the project in general.

most image file formats and .mp3s are already compressed anyway. the only uncompressed image file format afaik is .bmp and .wavs aren't compressed

if you want smaller image files i recommend you use .jpg, and if you want smaller audio files i recommend you use .mp3

However the snap files themselves aren't compressed since they are stored as raw .xml files (not sure if this is true when saving to the cloud)

it means he wants a feature that allows a huge megabyte file be turned into a smile file that can be used in the project with messing up the code itself

Vote up ++

What he said. You don't gain any more space by compressing an already-compressed file; in fact, the result can end up requiring more space, because sophisticated compression algorithms make assumptions about expected patterns in the raw data. So, an algorithm for compressing pictures will be different from an algorithm for compressing sounds.

By the way, both jpeg and mp3 are lossy compression algorithms, which means that playing back the compressed picture or sound, respectively, won't be as good as the original. Both have "knobs" for the degree of compression, with a tradeoff between compressedness and fidelity. Typical jpegs have some color distortion and some loss of sharp edges. Typical mp3s lose a lot of bass. There's been a lot of research about people brought up on mp3s because of portable digital media, and when presented with an original sound vs. an mp3, everyone these days thinks the mp3 is the original and the actual original is too boomy.

There are ways of reducing file sizes, but they are tricky to make reliable in the browser and we really don't want something unreliable. :slight_smile:

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