Actually making a 3D horror game (Top-Down perspective)

I've been away for while and I wanted to come back to making horror games, I've created a "3D" top down perspective engine, and I've wanted to use it for a while, I'm want to make a horror game where we need art, story, and make it to be just short enough to be playable. In the past I've made projects and given up on them, but I think if we work together cooperatively, we can do it.

3D Engine

(you might have to open editor for it to work)
(There are a few bugs, like texture glitches and such)

The way you can MAKE a 3D Top-Down Engine using a FPS type engine is that you take the map and make it sideways. That way you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Oh, that definitely would've been easier, you're right. Although I will say that I don't want to throw this away now that I've made it, I don't know if I should throw this away, I guess I could try to figure out which one runs better as a top down kind of thing

I think I like this system a little bit better, because I can use textures, and I might just continue using this one

Oh okay. Well, this 3D Top-Down Engine is very good! I like it!

Maybe angle the camera a bit so it's not facing downwards towards the floor.

I'm just curious - how does this 3D Top-Down Engine work?

The map clones itself multiple times and moves to the front layer, while also changing the brightness of the image and also moving in slight unison with the hitbox

Sorry for taking so long to answer had some family over last week

I like the fact that you made your own clever 3d renderer! That is something I wish to do someday.

can i use that project?

Um, I guess you can.