"Actual Game" game jam

We've been seeing a lot of technical projects recently, and not a lot of games.

So i was thinking, a game jam but for like actual games and not like technical projects

Really the inspiration for this is @clowestick's rhythm game

it starts friday and ends 2 weeks after said friday

whoever wins gets absolutely nothing :D

just tell me if you're entering



btw is there going to be a theme

nope, just games

im bout to take this literally

the 'theme' is just games. Like the ones you may see on scratch

such as platformers or clickers or anything

this is my submission but idk i might change it later

Seems cool to me

Is it okay to hint my idea?

uh sure

Well, if you've ever heard of "Spy Mouse" then that's basically what I want to make

I already have the line-of-sight set up

um ok



yeah ik

im bad at making games
i do simulators only


yay tornados