the Software of Novice and Advanced Programmers


so what?
this is something i found on main page

Oh yeah, so you did. I forgot about that.

are you sorta dopey?

Just old. And I didn't make the banners in the first place.

Oh ok

The Acronym is Snap.

Or, Snap! is an acronym for Software of Novice and Advanced Programmers.

Didn't I just say that..?

You did, and I thought it would be good to rephrase it just in case anyone was confused. That’s why I began with “Or”.

oh, ok

If this is what Snap! is, then what is Scratch?

I don't think Scratch is an acronym. But I'm not one of the people (or the person? I don't know) who named Scratch, well, Scratch, so.

Software of Children and Random Adults Together to Code Homes???

idk,,, came up with this in like 5 minutes lol

A name?
Scratch isn't an acronym.



I'm told that the name "Scratch" came from the practice of hiphop DJs turning a turntable by hand to play the same little bit of a record forward and backward repeatedly. It's a metaphor for remixing someone else's project.

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