Ackermann 4-array

Ackermann 4 array script pic (6)

Idk how fast this function grows in FGH, though I could predict it's very fast, maybe f_w+4(n)
The beginning of Snap! Googology projects

There's a Snap! function called "script pic" that allows you to take an image of the script w/o having to screenshot. Right-click any script or block and press "script pic," and the image will be downloaded to your computer.

ok edited it

You didn't explain the best part! Script pics made this way include the actual Snap! code in the picture's metadata, so you can drag it into Snap! and it will load the things in the picture, plus any other things they depend on, into your project. Best UI feature ever! (That and zebra coloring. :~) )

but if you load a block Definition, it will only show up as an image, at least for me. But that is an excellent feature there! It's going to be useful for different projects!

Also can you make it so that when you script pic it will copy to clipboard in order to post on forums?

The picture will be loaded as a costume if you're in the Costumes tab, but as a block definition if you're in the Scripts tab.

You can find it in some browser-dependent place. In Chrome it's in here: Screen Shot 2023-12-08 at 8.34.05 PM near the right edge of the URL bar.

i tried inputting it to the scripts tab but it went to the costumes tab.

Then what you have isn't a smart picture. In the Block Editor, right click on the hat block and choose "script pic..."

If that's what you did, I dunno, try it in a freshly loaded Snap!.

...unless you are using Chrome OS, where it will instead show as a notification in the bottom-right corner of the screen and gives an option to copy to clipboard (but from my experience it doesn't copy the metadata but you can just drag it instead)