Account ban

(so im sneaking on friends laptop again)
whyyy is my account @18001767679 banned again due to the same reason but this time i did not post things not about snap other that a chat with owl(and i flagged to request delete that hunk of off topiced things)

You've already asked this privately via email, but since it seems you want everyone else to also know why you've been REPEATEDLY banned, here it goes:

You keep spamming local communities with posts saying "speak English".

News flash: from the almost 8 billion humans on this planet, a whole bunch of them do not speak your language and have the right to communicate with each other without being bullied.

Additionally, you've been on a spamming spree lately, but these two very disrespectful posts were the cherry on top of it all.

Take a look at your stats and ask yourself how it is that we haven't yet banned you permanently!

oh oops sry
i just knew that that "speak english" is disrespectful