Accessing The Collections Directly from Snap!

I love the new Collections feature for organizing files. Is there a possibility of accessing the collections when you click File > Open directly from Snap? So it would be File > Open > Select a Collection > Select a Project

I want to organize my projects for each of my classes. It would be helpful to not go back to the landing page to open a particular collection.

You're pulling at the end of a long thread. We've had some disagreements about whether navigation should happen only on the web site, or in the editor. Also about whether tags serve the purpose of folders, or whether collections serve the purpose of folders, etc.

We can't make it so people who don't use collections as folders can't find their projects, so it can't be that there's a required select-collection step before selecting a project. Rather, it should be that collections appear in the project list, maybe at the top of the project list, and you can click directly on a project, or click a collection (or a folder or a tag or whatever) to open that.

Anyway, after we have a ritual sacrifice or three, we'll get this all settled. Stay tuned.