Absolute Value


Can report the absolute value of a whole number including decimals.

It is best use for Negative numbers meaning when it is set to + (pos) do a negative number.

- (neg) will report the absolute value but as a negative number.

What's wrong with the
Absolute Value script pic (1)
Absolute Value script pic


and you? (except N.0..., of course)

Oh i didnt know those existed... erm... idk mine is easier to use/understand? Mine also is a single block.

I believe that whole numbers include: Negative numbers or positive numbers that are decimal or non decimals. No fractions.

if only you made this while i was still learning about this last year...

Absolute Value is basically saying "how far away is a number from 0"?

(I know you know this but...whatever.)

yes, i know this now, you're about 6 months too late




Wait, so, 2.5 is a whole number but 2½ isn't? I don't think that's a well-defined set of numbers.

to me i just dont like saying fractions are whole numbers but i like saying decimals are

Whole numbers don't have any decimal place, for example, 5 and 5.0 are whole numbers. Anything in between is a decimal, so 5.5 and 5½ is a decimal, but 5.0 isn't.

I know but I like to define a decimal, as a whole number. Yes it is technically wrong but in a personal opinion that’s my definition, on an exam you’ll see a different answer if for some reason they need whole numbers to be defined.

One reason "whole number" lends itself to idiosyncratic definition is that the term is used only in schools. Mathematicians don't talk about "whole numbers"; they talk about "integers." I think it would never occur to anyone to make up a personal definition of "integer." Other categories are "rational number" and "real number." Decimals and fractions aren't different kinds of numbers; they're different representations for numbers -- different numerals.

whyyy is math soo harddd

I know right. IT is my least favorite subject.

Well I hope these blocks have a use now even though a version of them already exists in the Snap! Editor.

What about the [scratchblocks]([abs v]of())[/scratchblocks] block?

Mine are a bit different.

It's not hard just because @earthrulerr wants to give words his own definitions!

I can't give a really helpful answer to this without knowing what you're learning in math class and having trouble with. But it shouldn't be so very hard if you're willing to think instead of just memorize.