About the Paint Editor on Snap! Editor

The Snap! 8.2.3 haven't text tool to make texts in backdrops or costumes on sprites!

I tried to work on an Windows 3.1 simulator in 8-bit.

This is the Windows 3.1 simulator that simulate Windows 3.1, but in 8-bit, OK?

The paint software will be revamped someday. Just use an external tool for now.

What is the extern tool? Hm! I use Scratch too, if you want to see my projects in Scratch, go to this site: RodolfoAndrads10 on Scratch (mit.edu)
OK, when the Snap! was revamped, I continue to make Windows 3.1 simulator in 8-bit.

I would suggest making the sprite on Scratch and then exporting it and importing it to Snap!

Or you can use WRITE to put the text on the stage, then position the sprite over it and use PASTE ON to add it to the sprite's costume.

Er... I prefer that Snap! 8.2.3 add the text tool, because, my computer wastes storage, I prefer that Snap! 8.2.3 add text tool on Paint Editor.

Snap! 8.2.3 is already released. We aren't doing further development on it. Snap! 9.0 is almost ready for release and we aren't going to have time to add a major new feature. The earliest you could hope for would be 9.1, but as I said this isn't the first thing planned, although we know it's important.

Er... I think that developers as you forgot the text tool that is important on time to develop the Snap! 8.2.3. On the version 9.0, the developers as you go to add text tool?

I not talking on the sense of you, I talking on sense of the developers as you.

I'm not sure what you're asking that I didn't already answer:

Er... Looks like that you repeated your message. Haven't problem repeat your message? It's spam. Don't do this.

Ah! Now I understanded!

he's a mod/dev, he knows what he's doing

OK. I trying to delete my project about Windows 3.1 in 8-bit and after, I create a new project about Windows 3.1 in 8-bit.

But I searched on the Snap!, but haven't the Windows 3.1 in 8-bit on search and I solved recreate the rarest project in Snap!.

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