About the Feature Introductions category

This category is where we will share short how-to style posts about new features in Snap!.

Not to be that guy, but don't you mean "new features"?


New category?


I do feel kinda sad that there will be no more "Feature Hunting" because when Snap! 7.0 came out, everyone tried to find new things to Snap! 7.0.

Jens's release notes have always been quite complete, but terse; the idea for this forum category is kind of the opposite: not complete, but more tutorial about the important ones.

Oh okay

Well...what happened to Feature Introductions?

3 versions (I think) of Snap! have been updated ever since this came out and we haven't been hearing anything about them. They've just been silently released.

Is that supposed to be intentional?

No, we've just been lazy and/or busy. I just barely got the 8.0 Reference Manual done in time for the release (and I'm sure it's still missing stuff).