About broadcasts

so can someone make these blocks (becouse i dont know hoe to make complex blocks)
(boolean) is (broadcast) recieved? (plus: with data (data))
recieved (broadcast) with data (data)
and maybe more

The way broadcasts are handled, with the when I receive [] hat block, is the best way to deal with broadcasts. If you're trying to make a script wait until a broadcast is sent, then maybe you should figure out how to change it so that it doesn't wait for a broadcast.

The "broadcast received?" block is too ambiguous to make, according to TOLORS in Scratch Forums. But you can make one with this:
untitled script pic (19)
untitled script pic (20)
untitled script pic (22)

This may help.

maybe the developers will add it in an update

No they won't, because there was a (message) reporter that was removed.

It's not removed, just deprecated as of Snap! 7.0.0. You can still find them by shift-clicking the :snap: logo, then choosing Switch to dev mode.

It's only still there for compatibility. There's a reason why I said "removed" because it's removed to the average user (and shouldn't be used, as it could be removed at any time).