Ability to convert Snap! projects to .exe files

Hi! So I make Game Jam submissions for itch.io. But I have to make it a .exe file otherwise the Mods will be like "Uh Oh! We told itch.io users to NOT put links on itch.io pages! Please change it!".

So can someone please add a Snap! to .exe converter to Snap! Computer or Cloud to Snap! or make a Snap! to .exe converter (Like HTMLifier for Scratch)?

Hmmm, if you converted Snap! projects to exe then tried to do something with them I don’t think it will work.


Doesn't work for linux.

Luckily I don't have a Linux PC. I have a Windows PC and a Chromebook

EDIT: I know. Don't spam "I didn't ask"

Yes but it doesn't solve problem for linux users(such as me).

They wanted to convert it to an exe. And if they want to run it on linux, they can use Wine.

Oh, I'm dumb.

yes exactly, same problem not working in linux.

Ok, thanks for response.

Spamming is against the rules, so I don't think anyone would.

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