Ability to change project description but on the project page

What I want is to be able to edit the project Description & Title like how we can edit Collection descriptions and titles, but without having to press "Save As...", it would be easier that way.

This is a small request...


You used to be able to edit the project notes from the community site, but the devs removed this for some reason that I do not know.

Exactly, they should put it back!

It was some kind of bug.

What type of bug, though? Is the bug the reason why they removed it, or is the bug making it removed and the Snap! devs can't fix it??

There was a bug that occasionally led to a project being lost completely. Not very often, but once is once too often. We know we have to fix the underlying problem, and that will happen as part of a planned redesign of the cloud back end. But meanwhile, we've disabled the actions that triggered the bug, so we don't lose projects. So, it's coming, but not instantly.

Ah, I see.

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