A video recording button

Just like that turbowarp record button, : image

It would be cool if there was a record button::
image (sorry for bad editing)
(it would save as .webm or .mp4 after you record it)

before you record a record option dialog will show up
just like turbowarp:

There's not many times a screen recording is needed - people can just run the project to see what it does :slight_smile:

When I occasionally need to record, I use a screen recording app called Screencast-O-Matic on my windows machine.

I like it but still @cymplecy is right

yeah but my screen recording is very laggy, its like 0.001 fps
but turbowarp screen recording is like 30 fps or something

I definitely sympathize, especially the bits about when to start and stop recording.

But Snap! is pretty huge and hard to maintain already, and every time we add a capability that's really an independent task it just gets worse. (Arguably instead of including a paint editor we should link to an external one, for example.)

But this sounds like a perfect test case for the new extensions feature! As something that can be loaded as an option, it'd have no downside that I can see.

I agree but do the extension features make stuff more laggy?

Not in general; any particular extension might, of course.

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