A teensy idea

I've been living under a rock for the past couple of months, not paying attention to the updates of Snap! that much, but I had an idea. Say you had a menu, that needs to be dynamic, like the ones in Snap! that update depending on the amount of objects/costumes.

What if, you added the ability for a set of blocks to be ran that would output a list that Snap! would use to generate the MenuMorph that the dropdown menu (such as the one shown below) would show?


Might sound a bit complicated, but it's just an idea.

Dynamic menus are one of the biggest losses when JavaScript was banned as a tool for generating them and anyway of getting something back would be great :slight_smile:

Yeah, that'd be nice. One technical issue is that a bug in your custom menu code could result in an infinite loop in the UI. So we'd have to make sure you can escape from that.

Meanwhile, there's a custom menu feature built into the ASK AND WAIT block, and a library to help you construct custom menus.

Couldn't you do it something like how generic when blocks throw an error when the condition takes too long?

I like this! Instead of using the mettaprogramming features to set a menu on multiple blocks (this is usally very laggy) this would be a nice alternitive

Oh, sure, I didn't mean to suggest that this is an unsolvable problem. Just that implementing it isn't quite like falling off a log. And we need a Snap! API for one input slot interrogating another input slot.

I was thinking of something that would end with a report block, but it would output something that you would see in the normal block editor menu
Screenshot 2023-10-31 1.28.32 PM

but it would output a string of text that you would see in this


Yes, that's a possible interface, although I'd prefer that it output a list rather than a text string. :~)

Perhaps you could use the "Menus" library as a base.

Yes, I agree, it'd be nice to have one API for menus rather than two different ones.

could we have @jens thoughts on this?

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