"A speech to all"

Sex ≠ gender. Gender is what you identify as, what your pronouns are, etc. Sex is what you are biologically. They're not the same thing.
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thats what i was trying to say

I get it now. Personally, it makes sense to me to keep my gender matching my sex, but other people don't have to follow that logic.

Here is an interesting question: if the purpose of s is to increase the population, why are some people g/l/p? It's not a mental disorder, is it? What does a mental state require to be a disorder? Actually, those were three questions.

That's only one purpose. Yes, it's the reason it evolved, but (1) there are arguably too many people on Earth these days, and (2) since we have good birth control technologies in modern times, the connection to childbirth isn't so ironclad, and (3) many things that evolved for one purpose have other uses in modern times. For example, we evolved vision to see predators and prey, but now we also use vision to see art and read books.

The history of what is or isn't a psychiatric disorder is long and complicated. At one time, probably before you were born but not before I was born, homosexuality was officially considered a disorder ("officially" = by the American Psychiatric Association), but that's no longer the case. If a person suffers emotionally because of rejecting something about their sexuality, that still counts as a disorder, which can be rectified by changing the person's attitude or by changing the person's gender, which is where this thread started.

But, this is getting pretty far afield from Snap!.

Question: is the word s** not allowed or something? @bh

Expanded form of the words

s = sex
g = gay
l = lesbian
p = pansexual?


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No, it's allowed. I was just following @snapenilk's preferred (I guess) style.

Good news: enough things were cleared up that I do not have any further questions for this topic. Good luck, Vanessa or Vanny Cam(eron?)

Just Cam.

Wait a minute, we can talk about this stuff on the forums?

Please don't necropost. Thanks!

What :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

He means, if nobody has posted to a topic in a year, it's dead and you shouldn't revive it just because you're new to it.

Wait, I'm not supposed to reply if it's been a year?

Does this include creating a new topic about a topic from a year ago or do I have to wait another year

If it's something that doesn't contribute to the topic, then there's no need to revive it.

I guess this is a good question, even if it revives a very old topic. There is a FAQ about what you can say here, but it doesn't really address the issue. I think that if someone who's been part of the community for a while wants to come out here, that should be okay. If you just want to start a random discussion about sexuality that has nothing to do with Snap!, maybe it'd be better for you to take it somewhere else.