"A speech to all"

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read the description for the speech and let me know what you think about this project

So should I just refer to you as they/them now?

I think I might have liked that option if it had existed when I was a kid. I hope it goes well for you and your friends irl support you in it.

I don't want this to sound anti-non-binary, but I'm interested in why?

Was it some sort of discriminatory law?

Oh, there were all sorts of expectations for boys that I never met, such as liking sports. I was, still am, physically timid, although intellectually brave -- I think the secret of whatever success I've had in life is being willing to argue with teachers. And then when I became a teenager I was supposed to be all excited about girls' bodies, and wasn't. I get turned on by smiles, not by, umm, protuberances. Of either sex.

No, it just wasn't something anyone thought about, or talked about. I mean, in retrospect I'm sure there were lots of people who thought about it, but not in public. I don't think I could have formulated the thought "I wish I didn't have a gender." "Gender" wasn't in anyone's vocabulary, except with respect to words in foreign language classes.

If I'd wanted to be a girl instead, that might have been an articulable thought, although not something people talked about. But for me it was more like "I wish people would leave me alone and let me read this book."

P.S. But let's not revive the "Life of Brian" thread...

Yes :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Good for you for, um, what's the term, coming out?
I support you.
Should I refer to you as they/them/theirs/themself?

That is quite similar to the insular orthodox Jewish community - I wouldn't have been able to realise I was genderfluid until I finally stumbled upon LGTB+ by accident on a 'safe' website.
But enough about me, this is about how funtimefoxy101 is [agender, gender neutral?]. Yo, funtimefoxy101!
This is not eloquent in the sligtest. Please excuse me.

Yeah, I was thinking that too -- I didn't want to hijack the thread.

Agender & Non Binary basically. (they are the same thing, yet different flags)

Yes. :)

Thanks :D

Oh, it's fine, really. I like learning about other people.

How does a person (not me) exactly "remove" their gender?

I honestly have no idea if thats even possible, but if it is then it might just have to be surgery.

Hmm... I don't know how to respond to that...

But I'm not getting surgery or any of that, it'd be way too much for me. I'm just identifying myself as somebody with no gender.

Oh, you will still have your gender but you say you don't have a gender. Wait, I might be confusing myself.


(I hope I'm not spamming the forum too much; if I am, somebody tell me and I will stop)

So you're telling me you still have your gender and you want to tell people you don't have a gender- this might be my last reply here b/c above reason and I am not getting any less confused, how about I say: "Goodbye, Vanny, nice knowing you; Hello, Cam"?

You really aren't, it's okay to be confused about something.

I don't want to have a gender.

For example: Somebody doesn't feel like they belong in either girl or boy gender groups, so they feel like they should be agender. They aren't a girl nor boy, therefore, they are Agender or/and Non Binary. They might be secretly male/female, but they like to express themselves as neither gender.