A Snap! Mod (Unofficial Alpha Release)

Hello Snappers!!!
Do you wanna to download this Snap! Mod?
New things to Snap!, based in the code of Snap! 7.0.6 dev, this version is in an alpha release.

Share your feedback in the comments or directly in Github. :slight_smile:

Please do not post messages that suggest there is a new release of Snap!. I have changed the title of this thread.

Ok, but this isn't an official release. :neutral_face:

What was the title before?

Oh, ¿te refieres al título de la modificación en Github? :slightly_smiling_face:

You want to mod Snap! to show what your personal future version of it is like, and that's cool! But I think it's much less confusing to call it a mod, rather than announcing it as a Snap! release.

Thanks, but this isn't an official release, see the Github download center, and test it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Labelling your mod as a Snap! release, even if you call it "unofficial", is plain confusing. Surely you could come up with a unique name for it, like how Scratch mods have their own names?

I put the release version, to call it an advanced version for Snap! :sweat_smile:

Well, it's not just confusing, it's a bit deceitful. Someone who is new to Snap! might find a thread just like this and assume that you are an official Snap! developer offering a sneak peek at the actual next version of Snap!, and not just having fun creating your own Snap! mod. Maybe you could call your mod "Alessnap!"?

Ja!!! Good joke. Will be not Alessnap! :rofl:

Any snapshot will be not bad.

You should really make your own name. New users might think it's official.

It was "Snap! 7.0.6" I think.

The Snap! 7.0.6 is a version who Jens is working, I download the source code and modified some things. :slight_smile:

Multiple people are not needed to explain this, it is a bit disrespectful all of you coming at them like this. The title has no been changed, as I see it. In the future for everyone, please make sure the title you choose is not confusing or maybe taken as something else.