A Snap! Mod Idea (Part 3)

So are you making the stage a console-type of thing?

Let's talk about cats! (jk)

Wow those rings are intense. Maybe the lighter zebra-coloring tint would be better?

To slate_technologies:

Yes. You should have seen the screenshot I posted in the original topic.

To bh:


Maybe. But look at the code for the logo, in gui.js, where

IDE_Morph.prototype.createLogo = function () {

is. It's hard-copied, "to avoid tainting the world canvas".

I'll see what I can do.

Ah. Jens rants about this "tainting" business periodically but I thought it only had to do with vector images.

In my "scratch pfp" project, I had to have the sprite switch to the turtle costume when the green flag was pressed to keep that

The picture you wish to import has been
tainted by a restrictive cross-origin policy
making it unusable for costumes in Snap!.

Try downloading this picture first to your
computer, and import it from there.

from popping up.

And was that picture a vector (svg) or bitmap (png, jpg, gif, etc.)?

I'm not sure. I think it was a .png, but I'd have to go to the Minecraft wiki where I got it. (It's an isometric view of a warped wart block, that I chose after I chose WarpedWartWars as my nickname.)

Edit: It's a .png. This is it:

Edit 2: And it was happening with all Scratch profile pics that I tested.

[offtopic]Do you know the song Du Hast by Rammstein?[/offtopic]

No, sorry, why?

PS I don't know why you'd get that error message from a png. Maybe somebody smarter than I will reply...

In nothing smarter .. but I try to comment on something ..

It is not a "png" issue, it's about CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).

Firs of all, I guess you see the "workaround" (the IDE message point to this). Just download those pictures to your computer, and then, upload them to Snap! with no problems.

And why? Because you are "dragging and dropping" a resource from another domain, and if that domain has not CORS allowed (this is the case), you can't do this (do programmatic things with content of other domains in your domain). It is a security feature (to prevent phishing attacks)

This issue can appear by doing other actions (with sounds, using the url block ...). We need to know about this, and about "using directly" web content.

Another thing (we can think about this) is about our forum CORS. We will do (think about) it!


Hi, Joan.

Oh, right, now that I re-read the error message I see that it does say "cross-origin." I was too focused on "tainted," which has a special meaning for vector pictures.


It's (currently) my favorite song. (My favorite song used to be the Wellerman sea shanty, and I still hum it all the time.)

I mentioned pyblocks, a Snap!-inspired interface to Python that I would make in the future:

I'm wondering where I could post a (temporary) topic for it.

I have an Idea for a music maker collab but because of Snap!'s extreme lag, it would probably lag out when 10% of it is done.

What does that have to do with Text-Based Snap! or pyblocks?

music in general.

I was asking @bh that. Do you know it?

I'm going to see if I can remove the sprite editing things. And then debug (probably) a lot. So it probably won't be working for now.

Edit: Except I'm currently looking at scratcharchive.asun.co too much, so it'll be delayed.