A Snap! Mod Idea (Part 3)

It works!

Try to guess how I got this:

I don't know.

Here's a hint:
custom block in Other cat

Oh. That is possible in the regular Snap! Dev as well, though.

But hard. Here, I made a custom block in the Other category, then scrolled to the Other category, then deleted the custom block.

untitled script pic (95)
I have to fix that.

untitled script pic (96)
It's definitely RingReporterSlotMorph that is the problem here.

You don't have JSFunction disabled.

No cloud. I don't expect anyone will do anything malicious anytime soon.

Huh. I'm so accustomed to what we have that these all look strange to me, even though intellectually I think they're the right thing! It'd take me a while to get used to it, supposing we changed Snap! to do that.

With respect to the rings, it's not just those three rings at the top of Operators that would have to change; more important is to see what the rings look like as the input slot of a HOF.

Intellectually, how I feel about the coloring of a ring is sort of like how I feel about the shape: the inside isn't like the outside. (Note that all three ring flavors are oval on the outside, because they all report a non-Boolean value, namely a procedure, but they have the three different possible block shapes on the inside.) Similarly, on the outside you can make a good case for Operators green, but on the inside there really isn't a clear appropriate color. That's why I'd be inclined to pick an 11th color, not the same as any block. Gold, so we could have puns about gold rings. Opal, as I said before:
opal-ring opal-ring2

(My best effort in Photoshop starting from much more beautiful photos.)

Opal ring at 500% scale, to help me understand what it looks like up close:
Pixel art grey ring: (I seem to like the British "grey". Or maybe it's just easier to type)
Pixel Art Grey Ring with transparency
Your new opal ring at 500% scale:

It would be hard to make a multicolor ring, or multicolor any block.

When you blow them up like that you see the ugly artifacts like the red outside border and blue inside border of the second one, because I don't know how clipping layers work.

About multicolored objects, I was figuring to just stamp the jpg onto the ring morph, or something like that... but as should be obvious, I'm not a Morphic expert.

The way artists paint gold isn't a solid color either; it's tiny regions of various shades of yellow and brown. Unless they have actual gold leaf paint, which I don't think we can do on a screen.

PS By the way, if you've never seen an actual opal, go window-shop at a good jeweler. Even the best pictures don't do them justice.

I don't think there are any where I live.

I'm not quite sure that'll be easy, either.

Kind of sad that you can't really hitchhike to Australia, where they come from, because it's surrounded by water. One of my favorite ever trips was through the center of Australia ("the outback"); one of our overnight stops was at Coober Pedy, where they mine the white opals, and you can get some dirt cheap (although you can also get very expensive ones if you buy them at the hotel's store). And then when we got to the end of the trip in Darwin I found a Kathleen Petyarre painting that I could actually afford.

You probably can't see in the photo how amazing she is. Oh well. This is one of her "early" ones, as opposed to the "late" ones in which she started using a lower density of dots so that she could do them more quickly. I have a few of those, too, and they're still great, but not in the same ballpark.

Sorry, way off topic. I'm a bad influence. ;~)

You wouldn't start with the ring-shaped ones I used. You'd start with a full-size opal and paste it onto the specific ring shape you need.
But, you know, this isn't an assignment or anything -- make them whatever color you like!

I didn't know Australia had opals. You learn something new every day.

Is each one of those dots an opal?

Not way off-topic, as it relates to a suggestion for the topic of this topic.

That's the hard part.

If I didn't make them opal, I'd keep them Operators-color.


Uh huh...Where's the "Looks" category or the "Say" category?

None needed for Text-Based Snap!. We just haven't gotten around to making the stage a textbox yet.

No, no, the art has nothing to do with opals. It's just an example of Australian aboriginal art. One of my favorite artists, whose work I discovered at the beginning of that trip through the outback, in the art museum in Adelaide. They had a huge painting of hers at the top of the stairs and I just got trapped staring into it for two hours. (Well, an hour, and then a break for the rest of the museum, and then back for another hour. But the dots are just paint.

I was hoping you could use the code in the PASTE ON block in Pen.