A Snap! Mod Idea (Part 1)

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and many, many more.

Plus, I want to make pyblocks a Snap!-like interface to Python.

No, wrong, except in the sense that all Turing-complete languages do the same things.

As originally designed, Snap! was sort of like Smalltalk but with blocks.

Since I got involved (BYOB3), it's largely been Scheme but with blocks. (For example, you won't find CALL WITH CURRENT CONTINUATION in Python.)

And for the past year and a half or so, it's also been APL but with blocks. (Look up "hyperblocks" in the manual.)

What do you think it has in common with Python? Your examples aren't very convincing. Every language has a way to print text. These days, every language has a library to do turtle graphics -- but Snap!, following Scratch, has it built in, because Snap! is Logo but in blocks.

Oh, now I finally get what you're talking about.

That sort of mutation of existing morphs is fine for playing around and learning how Morphic works. But for your actual Snap! mod, you should make your own morphs, by writing your own JS code that calls new Morph or new MenuMorph or new WhateverMorph.

How do I make a new morph in dev mode?

From the JS console?

I normally use the JSFunction block to make new Morphs. Just take a(nother) look at Block and Comment Manipulation.

Sure that works too. He asked about dev mode.

I like the Scratch 1.4 Morph creation, as you can make any built-in Morph with it. Pic: (in Bingo, not Scratch 1.4 because I think I messed up my installation of Scratch 1.4)

I made infinite recursion in Dream (another Scratch 1.4 mod):
Screenshot (144)
Screenshot (145)
Playing around with Dream:
Screenshot (146)
Found the comment block:
Screenshot (148)

I mean in dev mode with all those complex menus and sub-menus.

I'm not sure what you want to do and why Dev Mode?
Editable TextMorph covering the stage can be created with this minimal example
doSetVar (8)

Scrolling can be built into the app or additional ScrollFrame must be added.

"Project does not exist"

Sorry, now the project is shared.


  • I want the textbox to cover the entire right side of the IDE.
  • As I've said before, I want it to have easy, built-in support for input to and output from the textbox.
  • Turtle graphics doesn't make sense for a text-based Snap!. So, there wouldn't be built-in sprites.
  • Clicking certain parts of the textbox activating parts of the program. (ASCII art buttons)
  • Ability to make the textbox non-editable, or editable only in certain areas.
  • Ability to change the font of the textbox.
  • Built-in scrolling of the textbox.
  • And more.

Use the library "Getters and setters".

Covering the whole entire right side of the IDE would cover the sprite selection.


Yes, but I want to entirely remove sprites, much like the people who made BeetleBlocks did.

Use some javascript.

I don't want to have to enable JS every time I use it. So I want to make it a mod, so it would work even without JS enabled.

So... You need me? :smiley:

What do you mean?