A snap block maker

this is a project I made that can draw a block similar to the shape of the Snap! blocks. You can choose what it's called and it's color. To test it out, go to here block maker and press space, enter the options, and boom! I think it's pretty cool

Cool, but the variables (like a) don't exist in the project

What do you mean?

Go to the editor and try the project out, then you will see a error message

It works for me. And when I checked the code, the variable a exists in the main green flag script. What's happening?

It's a script variable. Script variables (created with the script variables ((a)) block) are variables that can only be used in that script, and will not show up in the variables category.

I liked this project...

However, if I try to make a long block, the text overflows, especially when using a custom font.
Stage (1)

yep. Im planning to add a block wrap system.

I know, it's probably a glitch that the variable won't work

I successfully added block wrapping...almost. Sometimes it the block goes down further than it needs to but I dont care anymore im tired lol

Would be a hand for some documentary projects. Next time add input support, perhaps in some form of syntax like scratchblocks or another engine.

input (1) boolean <>