A short animation I made

I'm new to Snap!, but I've been doing Scratch for several years now, so I've got some expertise with block coding. Here's the animation, titled jade is exist: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I'm new to the forums as well (duh) so I don't know for certain if I'm doing this right.

well, there's no need for the timer stuff you did. It works in scratch, but not snap. The when <> block makes it so that when you click the stop button, it turns into a square, stopping all when blocks from ever running, effectively, making your code not give you the expected result. If you really want it to run the code when you click the stop button, use this code

although, this may not be very reliable.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I had partially done so so that whenever you go to another tab then come back to the Snap tab, Jade'll ask intimidatingly "W H A T do you think you're doing." And I just now realize that the pause button and stop button have basically swapped their jobs, as the pause button plays the stop button code, and the stop button just pauses it.

Welcome to the forums!
Using the timer to detect if someone has left the page is super clever. I feel like that could be used in things like horror games to create some really scary stuff.

I do have a suggestion, though- if you add a variable (I'm calling mine "intimidated") you can make the "What do you think you're doing?" code run only once. I felt like constantly moving between tabs and back to the project kinda ruined the effect.
untitled script pic (47)
untitled script pic (46)

EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: Switching between tabs kept replaying the "what do you think you're doing" which ruined the effect.

Thanks! And that's a cool idea for a game, I might do that!

And I'll do that, thanks for the suggestion.