A scramble [list] block

Hello! Today, in pure boredom, i made a scramble [list] block!

I personally this should a block in Snap! as scrambling is really usefull.
Anyone out there feel free to use this custom block for your games & projects scrambling needs!

Indeed, great for shuffling the cards in a solitaire program. :~)

You can do this:
insert (item (a) of (list)) at (random v) of (b)
instead of this:

insert (item (a) of (list)) at (pick random (1) to (length of (b)::list)) of (b)

Nice block anyway.

Thanks! I didnt think of that, but also a list block of it isnt that bad of an idea anyways

No, I meant in the definition of the block.

Thanks a lot :+1: