A question for snap team

i have a question concerning edits(only because i wanna fix a topic's title and add tags) and i'm wondering why we have can only do this stuff a certain amount per day.is this the discourse or is it something you added?Sorry but only snap team or anyone who can help me can comment on this and i will flag the topic as soon as it gets anything off topic

another reason why i'm wondering why we only have limited edits-i make mistakes on my own topics and posts even after trying to be careful when i'm notified i reached my max edits

probably to avoid spam, getting off topic, discourage spam bots.

The limitations are part of Discourse. The precise values are things we can and will adjust, to try to get the forum under control. Right now we are probably tighter than you'd like. We're not going to answer specific questions about each adjustment, so take this as an answer to all of them!