A project for accessing over 15,000 neural network models from Hugging Face

This project provides access to over 15,000 neural network models provided by Hugging Face. An API key from huggingface.co (not .com) is required. A free plan provides 30,000 input characters per month.

Examples include:

  • Translate between languages.
  • Classify text into categories you choose.
  • Produce a summary of text.
  • Hold a conversation.
  • Query a spreadsheet.
  • Answer a question given a context.
  • Detect how positive or negative some is.
  • Find the named entities in some text.
  • Fill in the blanks.


That's awesome! I can imagine so many possible uses for this- a game utilizing cloud variables (from somewhere else) that people can play in different languages, or a better version of a chatbot...


A good chatbot responds not just to what the user says but also the recent history of the discussion. This can use up the input quota. My guess is that chatting for an hour might end up costing 20 cents (US).

Translation doesn't have this problem. Translating a million characters for $10 isn't bad. And there are enough models to cover 169 languages.

One problem is that some models take 10 or 20 seconds to load. One can avoid that by paying $1/day/model.