A programming language attempt

This is Codi a programming language that is being worked on… My goal is to make it able to do stuff with lists and store stuff in a buffer.
var(va = n5) (v is variable and Codi checks the letter after v and n is number codi checks the number after n)
print(f5) (it writes the number 5 to the output)

Needs some documentation. I'm not going to reverse engineer what your language looks like from its implementation. At least a nontrivial example of a program in the language would help.

This is amazing!

When a beta version comes out do you wanna test it? Also thanks and hi

If I have the time then I'll try it, but instead of posting multiple messages can you edit the original post?


There's a problem. If I say print(f100) it returns 1 instead of 100

That’s because u have to put one number
EDIT: I am working on it!

Don't you mean one digit? Because 100 is a number too.