A pretty good random number generator

It uses lots of real-world variables including the color of your skin(well not actually but if you put your face at the tip it will), the time in milliseconds, how loud you are, your mouse position, and the date. Although these are variables you can control you would need millisecond accurate speed, and even harder is the mouse. Im not sure if it could be considered a trng but it was fun to make as a side project. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

how exactly do you use this?

the flag

but how do you access the random numbers?

the sprite says it

maybe add a wait block in the repeat loop so its easier to see the numbers

shoot sorry i left in some code that I used to test it

ok. that makes sense

now try

it works much better now. pretty cool project!

hold on i need to do one last thing alright done

it doesn't work if you don't have a camera and a micophone