A non-javascript alternative please

I need a non-javascript alternative script for my game.
this script clean all variable in one step (60 variables)

copperfield script pic

(vide) is just a void bloc

Sorry, I don't know how to help you with that.
@bh probably knows, though.

You really want to use a single list, not individual variables. If you need to keep track of names, use a dictionary (check out assoc in the list utilities, made by @bh). Don't putz around with JS and meta programming. You wouldn't do that - even think about - doing that in Python of Java or C, how come y'all want to do that in Snap?

welcome back @gego51

Snap! has some strange and nonintuitive notion of variable reference
untitled script pic (15)
With unevaluated multiple inputs
let_be script pic

let_be script pic (1)

For variable name stored as string with built-in "Create variables" library
untitled script pic (16)

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