A new learning level; javascript text blocks

3 days ago, I started to transcribe javascript codes in blocks by trying to "boost" one of my projects; so I have a suggestion to offer in a future version of SNAP, a new category containing javascript codes in text format embedded in blocks,
js text block categorie
blocs javascript script pic

So You want to rediscover :snap: built-in codification (automatic translation of blocks to text language) or Blockly.

As Dardoro said,you can look at the JS part of the codifation example

it’s not the same thing, blocky is just a javascript converter, there, it’s about running javascript in snap with js blocks

u can just add these js special things in blocks not the for i in range block

the js grey blocks are a modules, i don't integrate with yellows blocs because it's just a customs blocks

There is an project "Codification" in Examples ...

Okay, I’m gonna look at this.
I’m not looking to "codise" snap blocks but to "blockise" javascript code.

We don't want to be just a complicated notation for Javascript code. If there's something you can do in JS and really can't in Snap!, you can build a block for it using JS Function. But, for example, there's absolutely no need for a JS if/then/else; you can do that in Snap!, which is a real programming language, better than JS in some ways. If you want to learn JS, just type it in.

precisely, I make Snap blocks to improve my learning on javascript, it helps me to design projects on snap as my textured cube

this block is too slow with snap blocks, I do use javascript
textured 3d cube script pic(1)

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