A new game I made

So I just made this game "Fast Click"

When you click the moving arrow, The score will go up.

It's a basic game I just made,
Hope you enjoy!

Play it using the link Fast Click

Or play it Embed

ok lol


why I posted that lol.

This game is HARd

It's easy actually.

sladescar don't click this

All you have to find out is the Arrow's Y position. Then by spamming the Mouse button, the game becomes easier

Not for me.

that's the point

seems kind of mindless then... (no offense)

That pretty much defines clicker games.

And endless runner games

Hmm, that gives me an idea.

Also, this is sort of like one of the Beauty of Creation assignments, Click Alonzo. Was that the inspiration if you don't mind me asking, Sladescar?

idk i just made it bc i was bored tbh but i just made a new game that is a work in progress