A little coding challenge - Word Clock

Here is a little challenge for anyone interested
[edited 11 Apr 2024 to clarify restrictions]

Write a program to display a real-time word clock

You are restricted to using the 64 character global list letters and you should include a set pixel to color custom block that only has two parameters - 1 to 64 for the pixel value and an RGBA color

This is to emulate a real RGB matrix where all the pixels in an 8x8 grid would actually be connected in order from left to right, top to bottom

as an example
15:26 should display as



Don't post pictures of your code (just to avoid spoilers for others) but please post links to working (or work in progress) projects

Starter project with letters defined

Feel free to ask any questions for clarification :slight_smile:


Is that a question?

why cant i just do



I personally prefer to use UTC 24 hour time when communicating online

If you look at the grid of available letters and the positions that they are in, then you can't achieve that result.

You are restricted in what is achievable - that's what makes this an interesting problem :slight_smile:

ohhh ok

wait, each letter has to be in an 8x8 grid of pixels?

Yes - each letter is in a fixed position within an 8 x 8 grid


and note the restriction you have on your custom block to place letters on the grid

i can't find TWO - can you show how we would display 7:02 and 7:14 and 2:30? is that part of the challenge?
(i've seen this years ago - in an ad for a watch from some fancy, techno catalog like Sharper Image, etc).

You have to be a bit imaginative to get TWO - don't just think in one dimension :slight_smile:
You "can't" display 7:02 as such - you have to get to the nearest thing you can display
Same for 7:14
As for 2:30 - think about another way of saying two thirty

in theory thats not that complicated

It's got a reasonable level of complexity - there's a few things to work out. :slight_smile:

yeah. i guess.

FYI It's taken me about a week to code one up using MicroBlocks on a physical matrix!

That includes about 10 iterations of a 3D printed case as well :slight_smile:

But, Snap! has more higher level blocks and libraries available, so I don't think it'll take as long as that using Snap! :slight_smile:

i need an actual interesting project

Can I tell what is that one asterisk (*) for/meant?

It's a spare character so I think they just decided to make it a *

I'm using it in my physical project to show the current cheerlights colour

Here's my project for the word clock (uses pen so it wouldn't be laggy):