A Game Jam

We will be having an game jam I will be participating it will end in 15 hours

Also no theme

here's a game i made i guess it could be used for the jam

Thank you for submitting!!!

your welcome

Time is up

Codegang is the only one who was here so we’ll idk he will win

I don't mean to be rude or that one dude who corrects everyone...but...

The word "they" seems more formal because we don't know codegang's gender.
(Yeah maybe I shouldn't have posted this)

Hi slate.
There are multiple reasons why awdeni could've called codegang by "he".

  • Code could be a he and awdeni knows this
  • Awdeni could be a non-native english speaker and may have trouble with stuff like that

But whatever the reason, Snap! Forums is not really a place to be correcting people like that.

This is coming from some who goes by they/them.

I technically am a he
just saying

Oh sorry I forgot about pronouns I have my own custom pronouns I like to be referred by ze or zim or zey

And I am Dutch but I was born in the United States so I am English so technically I am American with Puerto Rican decent



Here’s some Dutch Hallo is hello and tot ziens is goodbye

that’s really cool
but I think this is too off topic
and lord bh might get mad

Okay sorry but one last thing But yeah sorry I forgot about pronouns

We should keep it on topic so look at my new topic called Collaboration

Sorry if I was too hard on you on that last message. And yes, I will check out your latest Collaboration topic.