A fourth set of eyes please

The stormtroopers just keep on coming and they won't stop!

The code works until it doesn't... are there any kind eyes and brains that can help me determine the reason I win even though I haven't finished the experience?


Thank you!

what's wrong with the project?

Space invaders 1.10 script pic

Oh,and don't use weird topic names that dont tell us what you really need to solve in first glance

Its called "clickbait"

...no? it's just not a great topic name. both of you should stop being so rude about it, it isn't an issue.
i'd rather people not just avoid the forums because of people putting them down

Good day sarpnt!

The experience seems to work on the whole, but once the first wave has been cleared and the second set comes in, the third set of invaders comes in even if the second set haven't been eliminated yet. After a little time, the game ends as if the third way has been cleared.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

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