A Few Announcements


I had a few announcements to make regarding the wiki-

  1. Since October 21st, we have been using the Translate extension. Unfortunately, this needs an administrator to mark all pages for translation manually. A new user group has been made with the necessary permissions so that non-administrators can mark pages for translation, too. We would like to add multilingual people to this user group. If you are multilingual and interested, please add your name here.

  2. Our Table of Contents is looking better than before but we need ideas for it. All opinions are welcome.

  3. We now have Snap!-specific interwiki links because Miraheze's global abuse filters were preventing new users from linking their Snap! profile and we do not have any way of turning them off. Their links can be found here.

  4. We now have an automated status page, thanks to @grahamsh! This means that we will no longer be posting about minor outages here. (And yes, we did experience several outages recently and there are still some extension-related issues Miraheze is experiencing (they can be fixed by clearing cookies).)

And I forgot about these-

  1. If you add content from the Scratch Wiki or anything else, please add the Attribution template at the beginning of the page due to legal reasons.

  2. If you want to copy an entire page from the Scratch Wiki or any other wiki using MediaWiki, please tell an administrator so that we can export that page's XML dump and import it. This is also due to legal reasons.