A Database Searching Program I Wrote

Run it

I'm in a club called FBLA, and I needed to write a program to search a large database of corporations. So, I wrote this. (I randomly generated the DB for testing.)

Screenshot 2024-04-01 11.32.31
The bar at the top is a text box. You don't need to click it. Just type.

After you find the company you're looking for, press enter. It will pull up a window, like

Press F2 to go back to search.

Nice project. One quibble:

No comma before "& Co.," and furthermore, what comes before it is a person's name, or list of names, not a company name. So, "Fred Barnes & Co."

cool search engine

i noticed this:(up and down)

Oops. Fixed.

By the way, some time I should tell you why you shouldn't aspire to being a future business leader.

tl;dr: They're parasites.

I know. It's the closest thing to a programming club (until this week, as I just started the paperwork of founding it. :-)­ ) at my school.

PS: Don't let my Business Management teacher hear you say that. :-D­

bro lets get a collab