A "change sound tempo" and "pitch" block

Alright, I need these blocks for future use.

The "change sound tempo" block

  • different from the "tempo" blocks that are associated with the "frequency" blocks
  • makes the general sound playback faster
  • does not change the tone/pitch when increased/decreased

The "pitch" block

  • changes the tone/pitch when increased/decreased
  • does not make the general sound playback faster (stays at normal speed)

Can any devs make these blocks? if not, is there a work-around for these blocks?

Someone can probably make blocks to do these things.

Yeah, but how? at least a Javascript block or something related to Snap.

I made one, but not very good:
Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)

this would probably be better by changing the sound samples instead of trying to do it while playing

I need a block to actually change the pitch/speed while current audio is playing, but this is close.

I found this article about audio / video filter in javascript, Audio and video manipulation - Developer guides | MDN and BiquadFilterNode - Web APIs | MDN Although it looks like you can only change the frequency.

I'm only saying this, because javascript is the only way you'd be able to change effects while the sound is playing.

Well, as you know, I'm no JavaScript genius... So I don't really know how to construct this piece of code.

Don't worry, I'd also learn a whole lot if I make the blocks.

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