A building game

for the last several months, I've been working on Block Game. it's still a work in progress, but I decided to share it officially.

(don't try to save your game, that function is broken right now. I'll re-add it eventually)

Nice! Although the physics are a bit .. wonky.

Also I'd recommend making the game less laggy, and making textures (I'm triggered by flat games lol).

Once again, Nice, it needs a nudge in the right direction, but overall I'd give it a 7/10.

Also for the save function, what kind of system are you using? Localstorage? or any other?

what do you mean?

yeah, unfortunately, I think Snap! is too slow to run this game without lagging. :(

what do you mean by textures?


I made a saving system, but then I remade a whole bunch of the game, but I haven't updated saving yet.

Textures is another word for costumes, same as sprites (sprite images, not snap / scratch sprite objects).

well, the blocks are textured...

Local storage is good but you need to remember that other games also use local storage for their games so you could easily overwrite other game save data
I’m currently trying to make a system that finds a free spot and stores data there and then remembers that position and reads the data there

only if i used basic key names like "world"
(I usually include the project name in the key, for example:
"Blokcraft by Starbox614/world names")

That sounds really cool!

this is why I hate the
untitled script pic (6)
block, becuase someone could put it in a project without realizing that it will wipe the whole Snap! browser storage of whoever runs it.

Here’s the first prototype
It lets you see where your data is being stored in the browser using hashes
Each project needs to have a different hash but unfortunately the “project name” function in the getters and setters library is broken, otherwise I would use that

Right now just use the “generate hash” block

It shouldn’t be much of an issue as it’s cryptographically impossible for 2 projects to use the same hash as it generates 10 random Unicode characters that are anywhere from Unicode 1 to Unicode 9000


I really wish there was a way to make it run faster.