64 examples for Computer Science with Snap! - Snap! by Examples

the examples for "Computer Science with Snap! - Snap! in Examples, Vers. 2" are now available online (about 16 MB). They can be downloaded from http://emu-online.de/projectsOfCSwithSnap2.zip. There are 64 projects from the following areas

  • Data and Information (Initial Examples, Searle's Chinese Room, Eliza, License Plate Recognition, Zero Knowledge Authentication, ...)
  • Beginning lessons (lawn mower, solar system, Caesar encryption, color mixer, ...).
  • Simulation of a spring pendulum
  • Dealing with lists (sorting, shortest paths in graphs, matrices, recursions, hyperblocks, image manipulation, ...)
  • OOP (magnets, learning robot, digital simulator, ...)
  • Graphics (Koch and Hilbert curves, RGB color cubes, drawing on costumes, drip-painting, edge detection, ...)
  • Image recognition (barcodes, traffic sign recognition, face recognition, ...)
  • Sounds (hearing test, ...)
  • Project "Electrons in fields"
  • Dealing with Strings (VigenĂ©re encryption, DNA sequencing, text files and frequency analysis, SQL, ...)
  • Computer algebra
  • L-Systems
  • Automata (mail addresses, hyphenation, Turing machines, cellular automata, ...)
  • Projects (simple logo, connectivity, evolution, PageRank, license plate recognition, ...)

All projects were developed with Snap! 8.0.0.
Have fun with them!
Eckart Modrow

uh, awesome!

Thanks, Eckart.

This is certainly a treasure trove. I love the spring pendulum.

In some cases, project notes would be helpful. The JSON example is interesting, but I'm not sure how it is intended to be used (but love the illustration that accompanies it).

the examples refer to the script "CS with Snap! ...", in this case on page 47: Data import from different sources. But you are right, there are still comments missing to understand the projects without the script. I'm working on it (when Santa is gone again). :wink: